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Principal of Rany Management 

Nicholas Yassan is Principal at Rany Management, LLC (RANY), a privately owned business since 1979 specializing in commercial and residential real estate investment and property management in the Chicago area. Nicholas is a progressive entrepreneur, visionary leader and deal maker who strives for innovation within the real estate industry. His life-long career in real estate includes solid knowledge and proficiency in all aspects of the real estate industry, including engineering, construction, zoning, complex negotiations and financing. These skills and experiences give Nicholas the extra edge and a solid track record of success in negotiating solutions to complicated projects and transactions.

RANY is comprised of a team of real estate professional with a focus on service excellence and results. RANY is well positioned for understanding the needs of its clients who have increasingly complex lifestyles and demands. With a strong team in place, Nicholas focuses his time working with industry professionals, entrepreneurs, and private clients to achieve their business and real estate goals. Nicholas is dynamic in galvanizing the RANY team and other teams, as well as, identifying strengths, inspiring action-based solutions, and driving success. With a great team in place, Nicholas can expand the RANY footprint and stay well informed about the economic trends and changes that impact the Chicago real estate market. 

Nicholas has deep-seated values in being active in the community, and gives back to the community through providing housing assistance, work and childcare programs through his participation in various boards and chambers of commerce. In addition, he is the Ravenswood Commissioner, where he consults on community improvements. Nicholas believe that making communities strong, and creating a solid infrastructure for business and education are imperative for growth. A native of Chicago, Nicholas attended the University of Illinois, and lives in Chicago.


1950 W Montrose Ave

Chicago, IL 60613



(773) 728-9000



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